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Working with Natalie has allowed me to create pockets of valuable time that have been crucial for me as a CEO to juggle managing a fast growing team, raising capital, handling partnerships and future product decisions. It has allowed me to take much needed reflection time as I grow into a CEO that can handle our future 1,000+ team.

Johnathan – Cevnn Payments

I hired Natalie as my Virtual Assistant because I was at a point in my business where I was wearing too many hats. I needed the extra help. I was working in my business instead of on my business. I needed that extra hand with my office administration duties.

Since bringing Natalie on board, I’ve been able to do more networking and more client relationship management. I was given more time to grow my business. Natalie takes care of all my customer service needs: scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, responding to email inquiries and prepares quotations/estimates for potential clients.

Natalie has become an integral part of the Inception team. She is a great asset to any small business.

Lorenzo – Inception Automotive Detailing

Natalie has worked on several projects for us and all of these projects were completed with top quality work and in a timely manner. Our company is based in Phoenix, Arizona but we do a significant amount of business in Canada. Natalie has helped us out with an array of tasks;

  • Filling out product “set up” forms for major retailers
  • Store detail projects
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Photographing Store Sets

I would recommend Natalie to handle any and all types of projects that you may need some assistance with. She is professional, does the work on time, and pays attention to detail

Craig – Firman Power Equipment, Inc.

We hired Natalie as our VA because we were at a point where we were doing just too much! We were unable to focus on growing and generating new business. My industry is very faced paced and I constantly need to be out on the road taking appointments and meeting with potential clients. Natalie has been an outstanding contributor to my business. She’s been the best thing to ever happen to our business. She was able to quickly come up to speed with our software programs and industry. Our business in the last few months has become much more efficient and effective as a result of working with Natalie. I can now take on new paying clients because I have more free time each day.

Lori – Hope Designs

Natalie has been amazing to work with. It was one of the best decisions we’ve made so far. She truly cares about her clients and she’s been able to go even above and beyond our expectations. I highly recommend someone who’s is looking for an assistant who can think beyond your instructions.

Sothea – Andrea Ivanka International 

Natalie is a great asset for any business. She provides quick turn-around and a strong attention to detail. I would be happy to refer her to tasks such as data entry, database creation/maintenance, proofreading, transcribing and project management. She is a rockstar virtual assistant.

Anita – AdhocWorks

Natalie has been an excellent resource for us over the past few months. She has been easy to communicate with, her turn-around time has been fabulous and she really understands the urgency of our projects. Her work has been very accurate and we definitely plan to use Natalie for a variety of tasks in the future.

Kerri – Investment Planning Counsel

Natalie has done a couple of projects for me that have worked out perfectly. She has shown me that she is professional, conscientious, prompt, and efficient. I have felt comfortable referring her to others, and I will certainly use her services again.

Tony – Vantage Business Leadership

Natalie’s work has allowed me some freedom, by taking over some of the admin tasks in my business. All done with speed and accuracy. Her attention to detail, with very little direction, is refreshing. Her time management is impeccable. Her work has reduced my stress so I can spend more time with my family, instead of worrying over how I would find time and energy to complete these tasks. Thanks Natalie.

SusanSmart Operating Solutions Inc.

Working to complete a time sensitive presentation, Natalie was able to not only deliver a professional and concise report but also provided constructive suggestions while compiling the data. Oasis was able to quickly understand the needs of our business as well as to dissect and interpret the data presented. The professional and pleasant approach made the process seamless. I would definitely use the services Oasis provides again.

Ihor Hillsan Sales Group

As a General Contractor and constantly on the go, I never have the time to focus on the administrative work such as my invoicing, employee hours, expenses etc. Hiring Oasis to take care of these items, has enabled me to focus on what I do best (home renovations) knowing that all of my admin is handled. Thank you, Natalie, for your attention to detail and efficiency.

Terry – TPT Contracting Inc.